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Sarum Voices sing carols by candlelight


The cost of putting together the right choir for your wedding is affected by many factors, most of which can be addressed by a preliminary meeting with the choir director, Ben Lamb.

First, what music do you want? If you are hoping for the "Hallelujah Chorus", then you will need a choir of at least 8 singers to give it the impact that is expected of such a work.

Second, what is the size of the building? Clearly, a tiny church which only allows room for 50 guests will need a small choir, which then affects the choice of music...

Third, what is the size and condition of the organ? On a tiny, unreliable instrument, Parry's "I was glad" is not a viable option, so it may be best to go for unaccompanied music.

Fourth, what are the acoustics of the building like? Allegri's "Miserere" (which has been requested and delivered for one couple) sounds divine in St Paul's Cathedral, but almost laughable in a small church with little or no reverberation time.

Once all of these questions have been considered, a projected cost can be calculated using the following guidelines (prices valid from 2017). The bracketed figures are the charges made when a service is recorded, as we have moved away from the standard double-fee for recorded weddings to make this more affordable for our clients.

  • Booking fee: £120
  • Director's fee: £240 (£360)
  • Organist's fee: £180 (£270) (we must insist on using our own organist if there is any accompanied choral music)
  • Fee per singer: £85 (£125)
  • Other instrumentalists can be arranged, but fees would need to be agreed on a service-by-service basis
  • Travel expenses will be calculated in advance and added to the total.

Included in this breakdown is the cost of a consultation with the director to determine the most suitable music.